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Resident Managers

This website is being developed to provide resident managers with on-line reporting tools.  The use of this system is limited to authorized Apartment Lifestyles employees only and will be password protected in the future.

1.)  Work Order Request:  This module will be used to request maintenance work orders for your property.  The information will be e-mailed to the business office and will be included in the next business day's work schedule.  Use this form for routine maintenance only, emergency work orders must be phoned into the business office.

2.)  Website E-Mail:  At this module, resident managers can open, read, answer and maintain all e-mails from our company website for their property.

3.)  Tuesday Vacancy Report:  By selecting this option, you may enter all the required information for the Tuesday Vacancy Report.  Once the form is complete, the information can then be e-mailed to the business office.

4.)  Company website:  This link will take the user to a screen that allows direct access to our company website.  Resident Managers should check the information at their property's home page to ensure that information listed there is accurate.  E-mail can be sent from this page to the company webmaster.

5.)  Forms Download:  In this module, many of the every day usage forms are available for download to your computer and printer.

6.)  Appliance Request:  Use this form to request specific appliances be ordered for your property.  The request can then be e-mailed to the business office and included in the appliance tracking database.

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